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Power Off | Elektrik Kesintisi

4 years ago, I made a story about a people who lives in a chairs with a machine like on Wall-e. So after I seen the Wall-e, I remember that I wrote a story and drew a sketch for it. I don't think I am going to make a short film about this story after I seen Wall-e, So here is the sketch and the Story. "Check the comments for the Story"

4 yil once bir kisa film hikayesi yazmistim, Oturduklari koltukda makina yardimiyle yasayan insanlarin hikayesi idi, Ama gecenlerde Wall-e yi izledim ve benim fikrime cok benzeyen fikirler gordum. Artik Wall- e den sonra heralde bu kisa filmi yapmam.
Cizim boyle birseydi hikayeyide merak ederseniz Comments lerde okuyabilirsiniz.


cemre ozkurt said...



When I was a child, I liked when the electricity went off. It happened at least twice a month. Everybody would say “ohh maaan!!”, and afterward the candles would be lit. That was the time that we had a chance to get together. Everybody would be telling stories and talking about something and listening to each other.

All the shadows would seem bigger on the walls, and we would play games that we never played before. After the electricity came back, my father would turn back to the TV, my brothers would go back to their rooms, and I would turn back my single player game on my computer.

Life would go back to normal; nightmare of school in the morning, similar foods at lunch, same words spoken by every kid, similar behaviors, even the anger and happiness would be the same on every person, T.V. or computer at night and then sleep. The electricity going off at times was kind of a brake to this non stop process…

Section -1

Fat, middle aged man is looking at the monitors on the “dentist-like” chair with lots of complicated cables, while he is doing adjustment with his remote. He doesn’t move his body. Only his hands, eyes and his neck move.

His white and pink body has weird cables. Some cables are connected to his back, some are just for checking his body statistics. The cables are connected to a giant machine and that is connected to a bigger machine. This machine is very complicated and looks like a 1965 ford mustang engine. The whole thing is moving and making noises like a truck. There are pistons, straps and little pipes. It looks like a huge retro factory is covering the big room.

There is some kind of a chart list on his monitor, he is seriously working. He is changing this chart and adding more tables on it. And finally it’s lunch time. This is the most entertaining time of the day. Selections appear on the monitor. 1-Mc Dorito, 2- Burger Empire, 3- In and get out. He chooses the “Mc Dorito” and suddenly the big pipes throw out the burger on to his plate. The mechanical arms open up his mouth and put all the food inside. The arms also help him to chew. They hold his jaw and move it up and down.

He gets a painful expression on his face. The computer asks, “Sick? Sad? Restroom? Other?” He chooses the restroom and the machines hold him up. The chair moves and shows the hole in the ground. The mechanical arms bring a magazine to his hands while he rests.

Afterwards, he chooses the entertainment option and plays a game where he can kill innocent pedestrians. It’s kind of a “grand theft auto” game. He plays it like crazy. He is killing school teachers, kids, crashing cars through them. After all of it he gets bored and he gets that painful expression again, and the computer asks, “Sick? Restroom? Other?” He chooses the “Sick”option, and the selections change. “Body ache? Toothache? Headache?”. He chooses the toothache and the chair moves up. The mechanical arms open up his mouth and pull off his teeth and replace them with new ones. After the operation is done, we can see the bill on the monitor. 500 credit for pulling teeth, 800 tax, 45 late fee, 55 early apply fee, 25 because you are a human fee. Total 1425 credit.

After that, he starts watching TV. There is a man with a black beard and there is a red cross blinking on his face. The fat man gets angry about him. He doesn’t know why he is angry but he thinks he has to be. There are lots of unite in this city; everybody is too fat or too skinny. Everybody has the same life style, same machines and same TV channels. Everybody is angry about that black bearded man. Then the show changes to commercials. There is a massage machine, it can massage your feet and you can also help to kill that black bearded man. Its satisfaction guaranteed. He buys the machine and the bill show up; 499.99 credit, 99.99 black bearded man fee, 19.99 unknown fees. The foot massage machine connects in to the other machines and the giant machine grows a bit more.

Section 2

Life continues; work in the morning, same foods at the lunch, TV. at night and then sleep. Days pass by. Today he takes a shower just like every morning. He never moves his body, as usual, the mechanical hands handle it. Suddenly the whole place gets dark and the machines stop. Noises are gone because the electricity is gone! He falls down to the ground like a piece of meat. He can’t move because he almost forgot how to move. He cries and tries to move his body. He crawls to the outside, falling down on the stairs. His head hurts. At the end of the stairs he notices there is an old skinny man looking at him. They know each other, but obviously they met long time ago. The old man has a lighter machine. He puts it on his middle. Then a little girl comes and a middle aged woman and a young boy join them. We can see that they know each other and they are a family. They look at each other and try to talk. After 1-2 hours they play games with the lights, they make shapes with the shadows; they talk, laugh and have fun. They are really happy, they missed each other. Then the electricity comes back on. Lights are on, and the disturbing noise comes back. The mechanical arms turn them back to their chairs and life goes back to normal.

The End

-Cemre Ozkurt

Bibz said...

OMG..ur work is amazing, I am upcoming graphic designer hope to be just like you men..looks like a have a long way to go.

parffit said...

Cemre, we've already talked years ago... I wanna send you a photo of my tattoo, inspired by your "tree man".
What's your email?
If you want, send it to

See ya